Forgotten drag VWs

Some months ago, I was in contact with a very nice dude called Rob.

Back in the 70's 80's, he had a VW shop in the San Diego area called : The Bug Doctor.

Here is a photo of the shop's car :


This photo was taken in 1982 at OCIR (Orange County International Raceway, CA), at a VW drag racing event.

The car was a 1971 Super Beetle, with a fiberglass frontend and decklid. It had polished Centerlines, a lower front end and was painted Ford White Wimbledon. The motor was a 1759cc (87mm x 74mm stroke), dual 48 weber IDAs, ported and polished heads, 12.5:1 compression ratio, a Joe Hunt magneto, etc.

It would turn high 12's in the 1/4 mile.

Unfortunatly, the car no longer exist. Rob parted it out in 1983 and retired of VWs.

Stay tuned for some more forgotten VW dragster stories !!!

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